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Physical Education

Welcome to the Mascotte Charter School Physical Education Page.

As a physical education teacher, it is my belief play is an important part of a child’s development. Play allows children to use their creativity, develop imagination, , psychomotor, cognitive and affective abilities. Through various types of play where students learn their individual roles as well as ways to collaborate with their peers, students will gain knowledge to create a healthy lifestyle. Play is important to healthy brain development.  

Physical education aims to help students understand and apply the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to begin leading a healthy lifestyle. During these developmental years, students learn the body systems and their functions as well as basic nutrition information that will lead them to make informed choices regarding their own health. 

For the lower grades from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, students will engage in basic locomotor, fine motor, and psychomotor skills. Students will become more proficient in their performance of these skills as they mature.

For the upper grades from 3rd to 5th grade, students will engage in sport-orientated games. Students will learn the basic skills, rules, and team dynamics of these sports. 4th and 5th grade students will be tested twice a year with the 20 meter Pacer Test, once in the fall and once in the spring, on their cardiovascular system. Data will be tracked for student use to see how they compare year to year. 

List of sports: Lawn Games (Cornhole, Ladderball, Kan Jam), Track & Field, Soccer, Kickball, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, Handball, Bowling, Floor Hockey, Basketball.

Field Day is a day for students to celebrate a successful end to the school year where they will play, socialize and relax. Field Day will be TBA in mid-late spring.