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Our Media Center is located right off the main lobby! We have an enriched children's library and reference section along with a ten (10) station computer lab used for Accelerated Reader (AR) testing and research.
Students visit the Media Center with their class every other week with opportunities to come more often with teacher permission. When students visit, they are instructed about various library skills to include the number of books they are allowed to checkout at a time:

Grades 4 & 5: three (3) books
Grades 2 & 3: two (2) books
Grade 1: one (1) book

All books are due back two (2) weeks after checkout but can be renewed by request for an extra two (2) weeks.
We invite all parents and other adult family members to meet their children in the Media Center after school. When school is in session, we are open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday until 3:30 p.m. for families to browse for books, read, take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, and to check out books. Adults must get a Visitor's Pass in the front office. Parents are allowed to check out books and to request increased book checkout limits for their students. Contact Media Specialist Debbie Campbell for more information.
Please remember that using the Media Center Resources is a privilege that students must earn by demonstrating responsibility in the care of library books, computers, and other items. Any books that are lost or damaged are the responsibility of the students. Therefore, payment is required to replace lost or damaged books. Please talk with your child about how he or she can be responsible users of information, whether from a book or another source of information.

Accelerated Reader

Our Accelerated Reader (AR) Program has access to every quiz that AR has.  If you would like to check to see if a quiz exists for a particular book, log on to AR Book Find.  There you are able to search AR's data base by title, author, reading level, or topic. 

If you would like to learn more about Accelerated Reader, you can review their Parent Guide

We have a Book Fair scheduled twice each year.  Parents and guardians, please join us on Family Nights.
The Book Fair is a great opportunities to purchase books for your child's at home library while helping to raise money for our school's media center.  Using the Media Center Resources is a privilege that students must earn by demonstrating responsibility in the care of library books, computers, and other items. 

Please talk with your child about how he or she can be responsible users of information, whether from a book or another source of information.


Did you know you can access the Media Center’s Catalog from home! 

Students can access the Catalog (books currently available in our Media Center) from home via the Internet by going to the Destiny website.  

Once you visit the website, look in the left-hand column titled Elementary Schools and click on “Mascotte Elementary School."   

To search the catalog, click on the Catalog tab located at the top of the Destiny website

If you have older children or neighbors who attend other Lake County Schools, they can also search their Media Centers’ Collections simply by clicking on their schools instead of Mascotte Elementary.


Destiny has a list of safe websites to use as Resources, to do Research and more.  Please visit the Destiny website and look in the left-hand column titled Elementary Schools and click on “Mascotte Elementary School."   Once you click on Mascotte, you will view a list of websites recommended for Resources, Research and Fun Websites to visit.

The Florida Electronic Library (library ID:  student) is a gateway to select Internet Resources that have been proven reliable and worthy of use by Florida's Education Specialists.   Use this site for current events, business, health issues, homework help, finding full-text articles, Florida History and MUCH more!    Elementary through College level resources available. 

With a Lake County Library Card, more than twenty-four (24) reference sources are available.  They include biographies, genealogical databases and many others.  It is a gateway to the world of information.   If you don't have a library card, please visit the Lake County Library  website for more details.


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Reading Fair 2020

Letter from Mrs. Campbell

Mascotte Charter
Reading Fair

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce our annual Reading Fair at Mascotte Charter School. This reading fair will have
students selecting a great fiction book of their choice and interacting with it in a new way. The students will be
making a tri-fold display highlighting the important story elements of the book. The goal is to energize readers
and share great books with others. The projects are due Tuesday, January 28th with the Reading Fair projects
being displayed for viewing by families during Family Literacy Night on January 30th. There will be grade level
judging of projects and prizes awarded for the most creative projects. Late projects may not be judged.

Complete the Reading Fair Checklist and attach it to the back of project.


The project will be created on a board made out of file folders that your students will bring home.
Project must include the following information:

• Book Information —title, author, illustrator, publisher, and publication date
• Author’s Purpose — entertain, inform, or persuade
• Main Characters—characters that are most important to the story. Use complete sentences.
• Setting—the time and place of the story. Use complete sentences.
• Genre – What kind of fiction story is the student reading (historical fiction, mystery, fantasy…)
• Plot Summary—Using complete statements write a brief description of the order of events in the story.
(Beginning, middle and end)
• Conflict—What was the problem in the story? Use complete sentences.
• Resolution—What is the result of solving the problem in the story? Use complete sentences.
• Persuasive writing—Why should someone read this book? (at least 1 reason) Use complete sentences.
• Artistic/Creative Elements -- colorful, clean and creative! Use your imagination! Be sure to include
illustrations, pictures, maps, or 3 dimensional elements!

As you know we ask that students do their best work! An adult can assist but this should be a student created
project. Please help the student pace themselves to meet the due date. Examples of student projects can be
found on the Mascotte Elementary web site.

Thank you for your support of reading and the students and staff at Mascotte Elementary.

Mrs. Campbell
Media Specialist

Reading Fair Check-List

Reading Fair Project Checklist for Fiction

Check and make sure your project has all components, sign the document, and attach this checklist to the back of your board.

Project has the following: 
________ Book Information – title, author, illustrator, publisher, publication date 
________ Author’s Purpose – entertain, inform, persuade and the genre of the story
________ Pictures, illustrations, or visual representations of the story
________ Main Characters- only those important to the story line 
________ Setting - place and time of story 
________ Plot Summary - brief summary (not a retelling) of what the story is about and what takes place 
________ Conflict - the problem in the story 
________ Solution or Resolution - how the problem is resolved 
________ Persuasive Writing – Why should someone read this book? 
________Artistic/Creative Element – colorful, clean, interesting and creative
    Writing is neat and inviting. 
    Writing is easily understood. 

    Project is original. 
    Project demonstrates imagination. 
    Unique materials are used to express ideas. 

Quality of Project: 
    Project follows the guidelines. 
    Project is durable and will stand up for viewing. 

Thoroughness of Written Information: 
    Project captures the most important information. 
    Project captures the concept/point the author made in the book. 

Interest Evoked: 
    Project demonstrates student’s ability to communicate ideas. 
    Project encourages others to read the book. 
    Project is attractive and interesting.


Reading Fair Examples - 2018-2019 Winners