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Volunteers at our PTO Color Run
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 2019
Volunteers helping in our Media Center
Volunteers helping at our Book Fair
Volunteers helping with Snow Cones.
Kiwanis of Clermont donating their time and items each month for Terrific Kids.
Volunteer appreciation breakfast.

About Our Volunteer Program

Mascotte Charter School Volunteers Program is a component of the Volunteer in Training and Learning (VITAL) Program.

From elementary to high schools, charter to exceptional education centers, every school in the county needs volunteers.  Educators value the time and special talents of volunteers, and welcome them into the classroom.

School Volunteers work at the school(s) of their choice and participate in activities that match their interests, such as assisting teacher in the classroom, media center, designing bulletin boards, working with students, serving as computer tutors, working with enrichment classes, helping in the office, or other areas of the school.

School Volunteer hours are reported to the Florida Department of Education.

Mascotte Charter's Volunteer Service is under the policies, guidelines, and procedures of the Lake County Schools VITAL Program. VITAL is dedicated to serving school children by recruiting; training and supporting committed people like you as volunteers.

In order to better serve you, we have created this area to provide current and prospective volunteers with the links to our step by step process (district web page), which will provide you with complete information about what volunteers do, the volunteer placement process, requirements, available training and answers to the common questions we hear everyday.

We hope you find this information helpful and that you will decide to join us in giving every child at Mascotte Charter has the opportunity to learn and the support that they deserve.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Margarita Lopez-Nazario by email or phone during normal school hours.

Phone:   352-429-2294

Fax:        352-429-4836



All Volunteers must be background checked prior to any volunteer work, this includes field trips. 

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Margarita Lopez-Nazario before you complete the volunteer forms.  

Updated volunteer forms and ID’s will need to be completed every year.  

All volunteers will be assigned to a specific area by Margarita Lopez-Nazario.

Please remain in that area from sign-in to check-out time.  

Lunch may be eaten in the lobby.     

Volunteers are expected to leave the campus if they are not performing any duties in their assigned areas or when their assignment time ends.

Due to confidential records and information located throughout the front office wing, volunteers will no longer be allowed access to these areas, unless authorized by administration.

Volunteers must never address any discipline issues / concerns with any student.  This is for your own protection.  Any concern should be addressed with the appropriate school employee.

All Volunteers, by district policy, MUST SIGN-IN & OUT (ref. Front Door Policy) at a location designated by the principal before proceeding to their volunteer assignment.

The notice should include a list of volunteer names. 

For activities conducted after school hours, volunteers should be asked to SIGN-IN and state the purpose of their activity and the time frame for which they volunteer.  

This sheet should be returned to Margarita Lopez-Nazario the next school day.

Advanced notice must be given to Margarita Lopez-Nazario before scheduling an After School Activity

All volunteers must wear an identifying name tag designated and approved by the administration of the school.  For security reasons, faculty members and staff should direct individuals without a name tag to the front office. 

Volunteers must always serve as positive role models.   When serving as a Volunteer, an individual must refrain from any and all inappropriate behaviors including, but not limited to:

Use of profanity,

Use of drugs #including alcohol and tobacco,

Discussion of inappropriate topics,

Making “advances” to a student,

Selling merchandise or actively promoting their business,

Persuasion to a personal way of thinking or acting

Volunteer's attire should comply with our dress code (Ref. Dress Code).

Any discussion of a student other than the Volunteer’s own child is restricted to the student’s teacher, the guidance counselor or school’s administration.  Only appropriate school personnel may discuss individual students. 

Link to:  Policy for Parents Volunteering in their Own Child's Classroom.


Please note new changes in the process for Volunteer Applicants.  

Starting on August 10, 2016, all new volunteer applicants and renewal applicants will pay a onetime non-refundable fee of $21.75 for the fingerprinting portion of the volunteer application.*      
After the fingerprinting process is completed and approved this process will not be required for the next three years. Essentially it is a $7.25 cost per year.

 *This payment will not cover field trip fees, only volunteer duties.

 *There is a $10 charge for not showing up to your scheduled appointment.


The Volunteer Application can be completed on-line.  Click here for the on-line application.


Is there a Fee?

Is there a Fee?

All new volunteer applicants and renewal applicants will pay a onetime non-refundable fee of $21.75 for the fingerprinting portion of the volunteer application. 

After the fingerprinting process is completed and approved this process will not be required for the next three years. Essentially it is a $7.25 cost per year.

*This payment will not cover field trip fees, only volunteer duties.

*There is a $10 charge for not showing up to your scheduled appointment.

What happens if I need to be absent from my volunteer assignment?

Since this mainly affects the Faculty or the Staff that is expecting you, this is something to be worked out with the person overseeing the assignment and is usually not a problem. 

Proper advance notice, if possible, is appreciated.

I am working full time, how can I volunteer?

Besides doing projects from home many working volunteers can get away from work and dedicate one lunch hour or volunteer for a table at PTO night.

Early morning hours and after school hours offer some good volunteer opportunities helping with reading and math, at the line-up lines or at the after school care program (M.O.S.T.).

Are there limits on the number of hours for a volunteer?

The more hours the better, however, there are limits to the number of hours if you plan to volunteer for your child's classroom (please reference Parent Volunteering in their Own Child's Classroom Policy).

In the VITAL program, we strive to have a four hour week volunteer schedule. However, depending on the activity, sometimes half hour days works.

How do I know when you need volunteers?

You have a chance to look at classroom volunteer needs at the orientations to see what interests you.

When your application form is completed and processed, we try to find the best match for you based on the volunteer requests we have received from teachers and the information you provided on your application form.

You are encouraged to contact Volunteer Coordinator Margarita Lopez-Nazario.

I do not have a set schedule. Do I need to commit to the same hours or days every week?

If your schedule does not allow for a set number of hours and/or days every week, it might be worthwhile looking into field trips and/or special projects.

If the teacher does not need a set schedule, it is a matter of keeping everyone informed of the changes to include the teacher, our Volunteer Coordinator Margarita Lopez-Nazario and note the log at the front office.

Parents Volunteering in their Own Child's Classroom.

Please reference the "Family Engagement" Section of the Mascotte Charter Student Handbook.