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2023-2024 School Uniforms

Mascotte Charter School is proud to be a uniform school that focuses on empowering, equipping, and preparing our students to SOAR and explore all of their possibilities.

Mascotte Charter School believes that school uniforms promote a positive and safe educational environment, result in a higher standard of behavior and encourage individuality through personality and academic achievements.

All shirts MUST HAVE the official Mascotte Charter School logo.

Reference:  Mascotte Charter School Uniform Policy.


  • School T-Shirts
    • Students are REQUIRED to wear a Mascotte Charter School t-shirt during the school day.
    • Purchase t-shirts individually ($ 6 ea.).
    • Colors choices are available at our online RevTrak Store.
    • Purchase through our RevTrak Store ONLY.

RevTrak Store

  • School Bottoms - 
    • Examples of Acceptable Material:
      • Cotton / Cotton Blend
      • Basketball Shorts
      • Athletic Type Material
      • Dry Fit
    • NO jeans (exception: spirit calendar days).
    • NO skinny pants even in the appropriate color.
    • Uniform bottoms must be appropriately:
      • fitting
      • nothing skin tight
      • no rips, holes, tears.
    • Required colored bottoms:   
      • Navy
      • Black
      • Gray
      • Khaki
    • Purchase from ANY retailer.


  • Polos with school logo in light blue, royal or navy are available to be purchased through the French Toast website.


  • Staff members will CALL you as soon as order is available for pick up from the office.


1.  What is the uniform policy?
   - The full Uniform Policy can be found here.

2.  Is the school logo required on all shirts?
   - Yes, the school logo is required on all shirts worn during the school day.

3.  What color and material are allowed for uniform bottoms?
   - Color:  Khaki, navy, black, or gray
   - NO jeans (except: spirit calendar days).
   - NO skinny pants even in the appropriate color.
   - Uniform bottoms must be appropriately fitting, nothing skin tight and no rips, holes, tears.

4.  Is my child allowed to wear field day, M.O.S.T. or STEAM shirts that were purchased last year?
   - Yes, they can wear these shirts also.

5.  We already have Mascotte logo t-shirts, but only want to order one shirt, can we do that?
   - Yes, you may purchase individual t-shirts. See the Revtrak site, “uniform t-shirts-Individual” on the left hand side.

6.  Where can I purchase uniform bottoms?
   - Any retailer or through French Toast (see Revtrak site for link to Mascotte Charter School official uniform store)

7.  What type of shoes are students allowed to wear to school? 
   - Athletic sneakers with non-marking rubber sole shoes.
   - Closed toed shoes.
   - Students may not wear crocs, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, slides, shoes with wheels, backless shoes, cleated shoes, or high-heeled shoes.