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2021 - 2022 Testing Dates

FSA Dates 2022

Hello Eagle Families!

FSA testing for 3rd – 5th grade is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 5th. Please ensure that your child is present on testing days and on time. The schedule is included in this message.

Guidance wanted to share some testing tips for parents to ensure your child is at their best on FSA days:

  1. Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest and maintains their regular bedtime rituals. It’s okay to add a little something special but our goal is to keep them calm and relaxed.
  2. Students should eat a healthy breakfast. Remember, we also offer a nutritious breakfast here at school. Breakfast will run until 8:25am on testing days.
  3. Let's strive for a stress free morning - Students should wake up with enough time to get ready, eat breakfast, and make it to school on time.
  4. Parents, please offer motivational and encouraging words to your child. We know you normally do this but it’s okay to add a little extra encouragement. It helps with the testing jitters.
  5. Upon arrival at home or during pickup, let your child know that you appreciate they did their best on the test!!

Thank you for your continued support.