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Frequently Asked Questions

Mascotte Charter School is committed to engaging all stakeholders in the education of our children.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

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Will parents and volunteers be allowed on campus?

For Semester 1 parents, volunteers, and visitors will not be present on campus. That will be revisited for Semester 2.


Will Mascotte Charter have “Meet the Teacher” before the school starts?

We are having to rethink our traditional school “Meet the Teacher” because of the need for social distancing. At this time, we are making plans for virtual “Meet the Teacher” so that students and parents can get information to start the school year off with success. More information to come.


When will the Supply List be available?

Our 2020-2021 Supply List is available on our website under the "Information" tab (LINK).


When will the children return to class?

Yes, children return to classes on August 24, 2020.


Would it be possible to do an in-person meet the teacher for 10 minutes like we do conferences and stay 6' distance with masks on?

Meet the Teacher plans are in discussion.  More information coming soon.


When will we know our child's Teacher?

Meet the Teacher information coming soon.

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Food and Nutrition

Will students eat lunch in the lunchroom? and, how will you handle social distancing during lunch?

Students will be spaced apart following CDC guidelines as feasible. Outdoor areas will be utilized as per allowable space. Mascotte Charter will increase spacing by implementing strategies such as utilizing the stage with tables, Café, etc. Students will sit in cohorts at lunch with seating charts.

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Learning Model Options:  Traditional, myMascotte Modified (M3) and Other Options

How can I get more information about Lake County Virtual School & Lake County Home School?

Please contact the Lake County Home School office at (352) 742-6951.  

More details about Lake County Virtual School is available on their website (LINK).


Why is the start time for students choosing the mymascotte modified (m3) different?

The start time is different for reduced exposure.


Will students that choose the mymascotte modified (m3) have the same teacher when they return to campus the 2nd Semester?

Students choosing M3 will have the same teacher in-person and online.


Under the Traditional model, will students be able to have recess?

Yes. Recess will be organized to emphasize social distancing. Playground equipment will be cleaned between use.


What will be expected from the mymascotte modified (m3) option?
  • Students will come to the school campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Modified school times/schedules when on-campus are 9am-2pm.
  • Students need to have home access to a device and internet.
  • Home online learning will follow a traditional daily schedule with live lessons through our Google Suite Platform.
  • Attendance is taken by 9 am daily Monday-Friday.
  • Bus transportation will NOT be provided for this option.
  • No Before / After School childcare available for this option. (M.O.S.T).
  • The school will employ health and safety measures as stated in traditional re-opening  (LINK). 
Will the mymascotte modified (m3classes be in small groups?

Yes. It is expected they will have smaller class size while on campus. Typically, our primary class size is 16-18; Intermediate 18-20.


If my child takes part of the mymascotte modified (m3) option, can we change to traditional schooling if we feel like this option does not work for my child, or would we have to stay in the mymascotte modified (m3)  program till December?

We are asking for a semester commitment due to continuity of learning and staffing. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.


For the mymascotte modified (m3), will a parent have to sit and do work with student or is the teacher helping with all of it? How much time should parent expect to spend with child while doing online class?

The student will attend school on campus Tuesday and Thursday 9-2 p.m.  On the other days, they will follow a traditional school schedule requiring live lessons via Google Meet/Zoom. Primary age students may require additional assistance.  There will be required live lesson times and independent times. More details to come.


What do we have to do to withdraw if the virtual option has not been approved?

Full-Time Virtual is being provided through Lake County Virtual School.  It is a school of record. Students cannot be enrolled in two schools.


Can I leave my child at home in online classes and after 3 months send her to school?

Yes, you may begin the myMascotte Modified (M3) program and return to the Traditional program for the 2nd Semester.


Do the students still get to pick electives or sign up for any clubs?

No electives for 4th and 5th grades students during the 1st Semester.  Enrichment / Special classes will be offered.


if I choose the lake live option, do I have the choice to keep my child on it after the 1st 9 weeks if I still do not feel it is safe to send them to school?

We are a charter school and offer myMascotte Online. myMascotte Online is a semester commitment for instructional continuity purposes.


How many students would be in each class for traditional school . And VPK?

Typical class size is 16-18 for grades K-3, this year with traditional it is 13-16 for most classes.


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Before and After Care (M.O.S.T.)

Can I get more information about the M.O.S.T. program?

More information regarding M.O.S.T. will be published soon. The program will open August 24, 2020 for students choosing the Traditional option to return to school.

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Health and Wellness

How are students going to social distance in classrooms and cafeteria?

Desks, tables, and computer stations will be spaced apart following CDC guidelines as feasible and will face in one direction in classrooms. 


Will hand sanitizer be readily available for students to use throughout campus?

Mascotte Charter School will have hand sanitizer dispensers in every classroom. It is available in many areas of the campus, including the cafeteria and high traffic areas.


can my child be able to have their own personal hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer will be available at school, but we encourage parents to provide their student with a small container of hand sanitizer to bring to school.


Are masks required and what kind of mask can we wear to school?

Cloth Face Mask are strongly recommended especially during arrival, transition and at dismissal.  We are adhering to the CDC guidelines as feasible.

Are students going to apply hand sanitizer before entering the building?

Students will wash their hands and sanitize upon entering their classroom.


Are the desk going to be moved apart even if not 6 feet? do the kids have individual desk in 1st grade?

Yes, desks will be spaced apart following CDC guidelines as feasible.  All student have individual desks in all grades K-5th.


What about P.E.?  Will kids be required to wear masks during p.e.?

Masks are not required at P.E. Coaches will adhere to CDC guidelines of social distancing for all P.E. activities.


What procedures will be taken when a student or staff member test positive for covid-19?

The school is working with the DOH on the procedure. The full Reopening plan will detail the processes.


is the temperature going to be checked on each student before going in the school building?

Yes, temperature checks will occur daily upon arrival to school.


Will a child be isolated due to simply a cough? (Per this guideline "Any student who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms after having arrived at school will be isolated and required to wear a face mask. Parents will be expected to pick-up their child immediately upon notification.")?

Our RN and/or LPN will assess each case based on DOH guidelines.


I need assistance completing the form. Can you help?

Yes.  Please call our School Office between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday to Thursday.  


I attended the LCVS orientation and it was mentioned that the district ruled that children withdrawn from a lake county school to attend LCVS would have their spots held if they decided to return to a brick and mortar school. Does this ruling also apply to MSC (Mascotte Charter)? I don’t want my children to lose their spots but can’t compromise their health and I am choosing the option that is best under these extraordinary circumstances.

Spots will not be held.  Mascotte will follow the charter guidelines for enrollment.


Has the M3 been approve yet by the FLDOE?

We are moving forward with mymascotte Modified (M3) for first semester.


Will you be providing lunch for the students or will they have to take home lunches?

Students will continue to have free breakfast and lunch. They may bring their lunches if needed.


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If we choose mymascotte modified (m3) and do not have a tablet or device for internet, will a device be provided?

Our goal is to have every student with a device. More information coming soon.

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Do we have to sign up students to ride the bus?

If you choose traditional, you must reserve a seat on the bus for your child.


Will they help kids as to getting on and off at the right bus stop for kindergarten?

Yes, we have staff members available to assist with students getting on and off the bus.

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