Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Option 1: Traditional

Option 1:  Traditional

Students will attend on campus M, T, TH, F 8:25 am-3:05 pm; Wednesday 8:25-2:05 pm, with the following, but not exhaustive, safety precautions and protocols, to the greatest extent possible.  

  • Practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Cloth face coverings on campus are strongly recommended whenever feasible.
    • All students and staff should wear a mask at arrival, during transitions, at dismissal, when visiting the clinic or in the isolation room, and on the bus and at times when CDC guidelines of social distancing may not be possible, unless indicated otherwise. 
  • Mascotte Charter School will run a “Closed Campus” model where only students and staff are permitted on campus. We will reevaluate every nine weeks the “no visitors or volunteers” policy.
    • Appointments will be made for parents for IEP, 504, etc. meetings.
    • Other meetings can continue through phone conferencing or Google Meet/Zoom.
    • This includes not walking students to their classrooms during the first week(s) of school. (Meet the Teacher English Spanish)
  • Hallways and stairwells should be one way where possible and/or utilize signage with “keep right” on the floor to keep traffic moving in one direction.
  • Signage is posted for reminding students and staff about social distancing, hygiene, and directions for movement on campus.
  • Post signage and provide lessons to strongly encourage frequent hand washing and hygiene practices.
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, tissues, paper towels, soap and water will be available throughout the campus.
  • Increased cleaning protocols, including replacing air filters more frequently.
  • All equipment and instruments will be washed or wiped down after each use.
  • Group gatherings will be limited.
  • Water fountains will be used ONLY for refilling water bottles. Students should bring reusable water bottles daily. Please make sure water bottles are labeled with child’s name.

School Bus Safety

Students and staff will wear face coverings on the bus.

Clean high touch areas between runs.

Hand sanitizer will be available on each bus.

Disinfect each bus thoroughly each day.

We have created a cohort model, “pods”, where students will spend time on campus with the group of students in their class, including in the classroom, the cafeteria, media center, and at recess. Interaction with students from other classes will be limited to the greatest extent possible. If a student displays symptoms of illness, it will likely impact their cohort classmates, and not the entire school, in terms of quarantine or other interventions.