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2019-2020 Code of Conduct

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Mascotte Charter School

2019-2020 Student Handbook 

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Mascotte Charter Student Handbook


The expectation of the Mascotte Charter School Board and Mascotte Charter School is that all students will be in attendance each day of the school year.  The student day begins at 8:25 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Every Wednesday school is out at 2:05 p.m. All students arriving between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. should go directly to the cafeteria area. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. will proceed to their classrooms for Sensational Start. After 8:25 a.m., parents must accompany students inside the front office to sign-in using the computer in the office and complete the tardy form.

Whenever a student is absent or tardy, the parent or guardian will present a note or other appropriate documentation explaining an absence within 48 hours of the student’s return to school. The documentation can be sent to the school or emailed to Ms. Alderman at .

Each parent of a child within the compulsory attendance age is responsible for the child’s school attendance as required by law [Section 1003.24, Florida Statutes].  Students and families violating the state truancy law may face court action [Section 1003.24, 1003.27 and 1003.29 Florida Statutes].

Excused Absences:  Excused absences or tardies include:

  • illness or injury of the student
  • illness or injury of the student’s immediate family necessitating the student’s absence – immediate family includes, but is not limited to parent, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle, legal guardian or person in loco parentis, or member of the household.
  • death of a member of the student’s immediate family
  • doctor or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of school hours
  • pre-arranged absences of educational value and with the principal’s prior approval - The request for pre-arranged    absence must be at least five days in advance unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • recognized religious holidays
  • judicial actions – subpoena/summons: Juvenile Detention Center
  • Truancy Hearings
  • Any absence of a student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or eligible for the Autism Spectrum Disorder program through Exceptional Student Education for an appointment scheduled to receive therapy provided by a licensed health care practitioner or certified behavior analyst.
  • Students may participate in academic field trips without being counted absent.

Upon return from an absence(s), students are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to make up assignments and/or test(s). Students may need more time, depending on the length of the absence, to remediate content or receive the initial instruction he/she missed. In collaboration with the student and/or parent, teachers will establish the due date for missed work or tests after considering the length of the absence and the instructional or remediation time needed to ensure student mastery of the course content/standard. Students shall earn full credit for all assignments, tests, and quizzes made up within the reasonable time limits established by the teacher. Partial credit shall be given for assignments not completed within the time limits established by the teacher.

Excessive Excused Absences:  More than ten (10) excused absences in a semester is considered to be excessive, and a written statement of a licensed practicing physician verifying an illness or injury, must be provided after that point for the absence to be considered excused. A habitual truant is defined by law as a student who has fifteen (15) unexcused absences within ninety (90) calendar days, with or without the knowledge or consent of the parent or legal guardian. [Section 1003.01(8), Florida Statutes]. Accumulated tardies and early departures shall be considered unexcused absences. Three unexcused tardies or early releases will equal one unexcused absence for the purpose of defining a habitual truant.

Early Check-outs:  Checking out early is highly discouraged since it denies the student the closure time needed at the end of the day to review and prepare for homework assignments, gather books and materials, and receive the end-of-day announcements.

A child must be checked out through the front office by the parent/guardian/parent’s designee who is on the Skyward Student Emergency List before leaving school during school hours.  A Government Issued Picture I.D. is required (Ref. Front Door Policy).  The child will not be released to anyone until proper identification is made. 

Please keep current the names and phone numbers of individuals who have permission to pick up your child/children.

Office pickups are not allowed after 2:30 p.m., and 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, due to issues of child safety unless prearranged or an emergency exists.

Tardies:  Students are expected to be in class on time (8:25 a.m.).  More than three (3) tardies or three (3) early checkouts per nine (9) weeks will nullify perfect attendance.  Three (3) tardies or three (3) early checkouts will equal one (1) unexcused absence. When a child is tardy, parents must accompany students inside the front office to sign-in with a valid, government issued ID and complete the tardy sign-in process (Ref. Front Door Policy).


Discipline Policies: Each student is subject to the policies of the Lake County School Board and Mascotte Charter School.  There is a discipline policy on file and a discipline committee that addresses any needed change.  Parent input is always welcome.  The following are used as consequences for misconduct:

Conferences: Parents may request a teacher conference with a 48-hour notice.

Incident Report: This is our way of letting you know that your child's conduct has not met school expectations.  Your support is essential since there is no substitute for a strong home-school relationship.

Detention:  A student may be detained for disciplinary reasons for an extended length of time after school in a designated location for continued infractions or misconduct of a Level II status.  The parent/guardian must be prompt to pick up the student by 4:00 p.m. outside of the front office.  Failure to attend an assigned detention will result in an appropriate consequence.

Suspension:  Suspension from school results when all other methods and techniques have failed (also applies to bus students.)  Since school is a place to model appropriate behavior and for the safety of all students, those students who are involved in fighting are immediately suspended from school. Other conditions warranting suspension and/or expulsion are outlined in the LCS Code of Conduct.


Class Dojo:  All teachers use the Class Dojo App to communicate with parents. The directions for opening the app and putting in your child's special code will be sent home the first week of school. Classroom messages, your child's behavior reports, and interactive communication with the teacher are all available through Class Dojo so sign up as soon as you receive the code.

Messages from Parents:  In cases of emergency, a message will be given to your child during the school day.  Please call the office (352-429-2294) early in the day (school hours) if changes are to be made in the way your child goes home. Being consistent with the way your child goes home each day is helpful for the child and the office personnel.  If at all possible, make transportation arrangements prior to school so a note can be sent rather than using the school phone.  After 2:30 p.m. on a regular school day, students are being escorted to their dismissal areas and may not be reached with last minute changes (Ref. Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures).  Activity also increases in the office area during that time, and especially during rainstorms, it may be impossible to get through phone lines. Have a plan in place for rainy days and discuss this with your child so they will know what to do on those occasions.

Telephone:  Because school phones are business phones, students will be allowed to use the phone ONLY in emergencies.  Please impress upon your child the importance of being responsible for his/her lunch, supplies or after school activities so that calls will be kept to a minimum.  During school hours, cell phones and/or any other electronic communications devices are to be turned off, on silent or in vibrate mode and kept in child’s backpack.  


The School Board requires a reasonable dress code that promotes a safe environment for students which fosters learning and improves school safety and discipline. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish a reasonable dress code in order to promote a safe and healthy school setting and enhance the educational environment. Students have a responsibility to be dressed and groomed in a manner that is consistent with the Code of Student Conduct. The principal may determine when a student’s appearance, or dress is such that it disrupts or interferes with the educational process or endangers the health and safety of the student or others. Students will follow the district dress code as outlined in Section V of the LCS Code of Conduct.


  1. Caps, hats, headgear, visors, sunglasses, or bandanas, or other head coverings shall not be worn while on campus during the school day. However, students may wear sunglasses, hats, or other sun-protective wear while outdoors during school hours, such as when students are at recess or in physical education classes; however, this excludes transition between classes. [Section 1001.43(1)(b), Florida Statutes].
  2. Hairstyles or unnatural hair colors that are extreme and/or disruptive or does not allow direct eye contact is prohibited with the exception of special events approved by the principal.
  3. Make-up for elementary children is not allowed unless it is for a performance and requested by the school.

Upper Garments:

  1. All garments must not be less than sleeveless clothing (defined as the point of the shoulder).
  2. Students are not allowed to wear sleepwear, revealing clothing, or clothing that exposes the torso. Examples include, but are not limited to, see-through garments, backless attire, clothing that is unlined sheer or unlined lace, bare midriff clothing that allows any area of the midriff (front or back) to be exposed when sitting, standing, or raising the arm.

Lower Garments: Clothes shall be worn as they are designed while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day.

  1. Clothing must be worn appropriately and properly fastened with no tears that reveal skin above mid-thigh (as defined below).
  2. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment.
  3. No oversized or baggy pants are permitted.
  4. Hemlines for dresses, skorts, skirts, and/or shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh (a second violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action). Mid-thigh is defined as while a student is in the seated position, measure halfway from the top of the leg (the crease your hip makes when seated) to the outside of the bent knee. In a standing position, whatever students are wearing should be longer than the mid-thigh mark, when standing, as defined above.
  5. Skin-tight recreation clothing (e.g., bike pants, tights, leotards, leggings—unless worn under shorts, dresses, or skirts that conform to appropriate dress code policy) shall not be worn.

Footwear:  Safe and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Enclosed shoes and tennis shoes are appropriate for school.  Students may not wear bedroom slippers, cleated shoes, or shoes with wheels. Elementary students may not wear platforms, high-heeled shoes, or flip flops.

Accessories: Facial/Visible piercings that are extreme and/or disruptive are prohibited. Students are allowed to wear small post earrings only (no dangling earrings or hoops—for safety purposes).  Jewelry worn in pierced body parts shall be limited to the ears. Expensive and/or excessive amounts of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets are not allowed. Jewelry that contains any type of sharp object or mood bracelets shall not be worn.

Symbols: Symbols on apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any other illegal activity is prohibited; clothing with slogans or advertising which is controversial or obscene are prohibited.  Apparel worn that may be gang or cult related is also prohibited. No tattoos, profanity, or hand-written graffiti on clothing or skin is permitted.


Bus Riders: Student dismissal to the buses will be directed over the intercom. Students are to remain in the classroom until their bus is called (Bus Routes). Once the student has boarded the bus, he/she will not be allowed to leave the bus.

  • Every bus student must ride the bus home in the afternoon unless written or verbal permission from the parent has been received at the school office. Transported students are always transported by bus until we are notified of a change.
  • Children who are not bus-transported students are not permitted to ride the buses.
  • Transported students are not allowed to change buses or bus stops until the reason for the change has been cleared through the school office and the change approved by the principal, or the coordinator of transportation.
  • Students will not be allowed to ride a different bus than the one regularly assigned.

The same discipline is maintained on the bus as in the classroom. Riding the bus is a privilege.  Students who fail to maintain appropriate behavior may be suspended from the bus.

Car-Riders:  K-5th grade students are to be dropped off at the front of the school (Ref. Attendance). Pre-K and ESE students will be dropped off at the PE gate (Map).  All regular car-riding students should be picked up by 3:20 p.m. (2:20 p.m. on early release days) in the parent pick-up area.  Parents are asked to stay in their cars, off their phone, and follow the directions of staff members on duty in the car rider area.

  • Parents of Pre-Kindergarten and ESE Students are asked to be in the Pick-up line at 2:55 p.m. on Albrook Street
  • Parents of Kindergarten through 5th Grade students are asked to be in the pick-up line at 3:05 p.m. on Midway Avenue.

Rainy Day Procedure for Walkers and Bike Riders:  Students will not be released to walk/ride home during a thunderstorm. If you decide to pick your child/ren up in the car rider line, please call early to inform the office so your student will be waiting in the car rider area. Students who aren't picked up will be released once the storm has passed. Please discuss your rainy-day plan with your child and your child's teacher. Planning ahead keeps everyone safe.

Walkers/Bicycle Riders: Bike riders are to wear helmets when riding a bike to and from school per state law. Students who walk or ride bicycles should leave immediately at school dismissal unless prearranged by a teacher.  Bicycles must be parked in the bike rack in the front of the school.   Please advise your child to obey all traffic rules and regulations.  Failure to comply with safety rules will result in loss of bike riding privileges.


Students requesting open enrollment are accepted on a first come first serve basis if they meet the criteria consisting of:  attendance and behavior standards and as long as there is available student capacity.   Mascotte Charter School’s Principal & Charter Board abides by our Student Admission & Registration Policy.

Custody:  It is imperative that you supply current copies of court documents if you have been awarded sole custody of your child in order that your child will be released to the appropriate parent.  Without documentation, the child can be released to either parent.  We follow the most current documentation provided.

Lottery Process:  Please reference our Student Admission & Registration Policy.

Enrollment Capacity: 

  • Classrooms K-3        18 students, as long as physical classrooms are available
  • Classrooms 4-5        22 students, as long as physical classrooms are available
  • Classrooms Pre-K     20 students not to exceed 40 students per semester and not to exceed 60 students per year.
  • Self-Contained classes    5 students to one adult, not exceeding 12 students per class

School Building Capacity: Not to exceed 916

Student Seat Capacity:  876 (Grades Kindergarten to 5)

Withdrawals:  If your child is withdrawing from school, please notify the school office in person, by phone (352-429-2294), or by letter.  Office personnel will initiate the withdrawal process so that complete and accurate information can be forwarded to the new school. 


We would like to invite all our Mascotte Families to join us at our school events.  Here are just a few:

  • Eagle Family Picnic
  • Holiday Stroll
  • Science Night
  • Vocabulary Parade
  • Music and Chorus Programs
  • Special Events are planned by each grade level throughout the year.

Check our school calendar for dates and times for all our events.

End of Year AwardsWill be held in the classroom in May.  Please check our school calendar for dates and times.  All parents are invited to attend (Ref. Front Door Policy).

Nine Week Awards - A classroom awards ceremony is planned for each Grade level at the end of the nine weeks after report cards are issued.   The schedules for each grade level's ceremony will appear on our school calendar.  The teacher will notify parents if their child is to receive an award.  All parents are invited to attend (Ref. Front Door Policy).

Terrific Kids: The Kiwanis Club of Clermont sponsors Terrific Kids at 8:30 a.m. on the last Thursday of each month in the school cafeteria.  The dates are listed on our school calendar.  A child who has shown good citizenship, good work habits, and overall good character is chosen from each class for recognition.  Kiwanis presents the Terrific Kid with a certificate, a pencil, sticker, and a prize from the PTO Eagle’s Nest.  Parents are invited to the ceremony (Ref. Front Door Policy).  A group picture will be posted on our Social Media pages, Website and Local Newspaper.  Every child’s individual picture is displayed on the Marquees in the school lobby (Ref. Photo and Video Release).


All parents are welcome in our school.  We strive to provide opportunities for you to participate in your child's education. 

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help work with children, chaperone field trips, provide clerical help, etc.   If you are interested in donating your time and talents, please contact the school office for more information.  Our volunteer coordinator will help you with the necessary forms and the application process.

Parental Involvement Activities are listed on our webpage, school calendar, Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) pages and marquees in the school lobby.

Parents volunteering in their own Child’s Classroom Policy

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms including their own child’s classroom, under the volunteer guidelines policy and with the following restrictions:

  • Parents will not be allowed to volunteer in their own child’s class during the first month of school or if it becomes a distraction to the class.
  • A volunteer schedule is to be designed between the teacher, Mascotte Charter, and the parent. A copy of the schedule must be on file with the front office.   The volunteer must strictly adhere to their schedule and may not enter other areas.
  • Violation of the above statement may result in revocation of volunteer status at Mascotte Charter School.

All Volunteers must fill out an application online and be approved prior to any volunteer work, this includes field trips.

Each year, you will be required to update your application on-line.

  • Level II – In school and field trip volunteer/ Nation-wide (application and finger prints required)
  • There are opportunities for volunteering on a monthly basis. All volunteers will be assigned to a specific area by Margarita Lopez-Nazario, Volunteer Coordinator, and are requested to remain in that area from sign-in to check-out time. (Lunch may be eaten in the lobby). 
  • Volunteers are required to leave the campus if they are not performing any duties in their assigned areas or when there assignment time ends.
  • Due to confidential records and information located throughout the front office wing, volunteers will no longer be allowed access to these areas, unless authorized by administration. 
  • Volunteers must never address any discipline issues/concerns with any student.  This is for your own protection.  Any concerns should be addressed with the appropriate school employee.

State Testing Security, per state policy the school must be a secure site during testing.  The campus will be closed to volunteers during those times.

Parent Resources:  Reading and Math games and activities will be available for check out through the media center.


Parents are encouraged to serve as chaperones on field trips. Because of liability and potential distractions, younger brothers and sisters are not permitted to accompany parents on these trips.

  • A volunteer form must be completed and approved along with fingerprints in order to be eligible to chaperone. 
  • Students must have completed a permission form in order to go on a field trip.
  • All field trip money is non-refundable.  Please contact our School Secretary for details.
  • Chaperones are expected to dress appropriately on field trips.


We are participating in the CEP program for 2019-2020SY. Breakfast and Lunch fees for students are free.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus are available on the web.  Students can access for their account information.

Breakfast:  Children that are planning to eat breakfast at school should arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8:10 a.m.   Breakfast is served from 7:45 a.m. -8:15 a.m.

Lunches:  The lunch period is 30 minutes.  Each child must have lunch, and either eat the prepared meal or bring a nutritious lunch from home. 

Food or drink, other than water not included in a packed lunch from home will not be allowed in the lunchroom.

At times additional snack items may be purchased through the cafeteria.

If you allow your child to purchase, make checks, in the correct amount, payable to Mascotte Charter School.  Please include the child’s name and lunch number on the check. You may also add funds to your online account at This process takes 24 hours to post to the account.

If you do not want your student to buy extra items and use their account money, please inform the cafeteria manager as soon as possible.

Lunch with Your Child:  If you wish to have lunch with your child, please notify the teacher with a note. You are welcome to eat with your child in the designated area.  Children will be excused to eat with parents, grandparents, and/or guardians. No Lake County students from other schools are allowed for lunch with their sibling/relative based on state attendance guidelines.  (Students of other families may not leave the cafeteria with you). Due to the small size of the café, please limit your lunch visits to once a week so that all parents may participate in this special time with their children.

Adult lunches from the cafeteria are $3.00

Snacks:  Due to Food Service Regulations, no snacks prior to lunch will be permitted. 


We welcome parents who wish to visit the school.  Visitors are expected to dress appropriately when visiting our campus.  It is important to all children that classes are not disturbed and that visits add a positive dimension to the school day

The entrance to the front office will be locked at all times. Once you arrive and are identified, the office staff will unlock the door. Once unlocked, please open the door and present your government issued picture I.D. to the office staff. They will process it through the Raptor Visitor Management System.

If you are staying on campus, you will receive an ID Sticker. The ID sticker must be worn and visible at all times while on campus. Faculty and staff have been instructed to approach the visitor if the badge is not visible and request that you return to the office for a badge.

When you leave, please exit through the front office and return your ID Sticker to the Office Staff. If you are not staying on campus, your ID will be processed and you’ll wait in the office until your child comes in to meet you.


Celebrations:  Holiday and special event parties are arranged by the teacher. Parents may contacted to supply foods or drinks for the class or help with an event (All food items brought to school to share with other students in their class should be store bought items only.  No homemade food items please).

  • Birthday parties are not allowed during our school day.
  • Flowers and balloons are disruptive and will not be allowed in school. Our office will not accept deliveries.

Chewing gum is not permitted in the classroom, on the school grounds, or on the school buses.

Lost and Found: Please mark all items with student's name in permanent ink including coats, jackets and sweaters.  All articles found will be left in the classroom or placed in the lost and found box.  Items not claimed will be given to charity at the end of each semester.

Pledge to the Flag:  All students pledge allegiance to the United States flag unless prohibited by religious beliefs.  The pledge is led through the morning announcements.  After the pledge there will be a short period of silence for personal reflection.

Safety Alerts:  To acquaint your child with the proper procedure should emergencies arise, safety drills are held on a regular basis. Drill routes for evacuation are posted in each room.

Textbooks and Library Books: Each student is responsible for his/her books, which are on loan to the student for the school year.  Books are very costly, consequently students will be charged for lost or damaged books.  If a lost book is found, the money will be refunded.  Receipts are issued for collections.

ToysToys, electronic games, tech-toys, radios, CD players, and playing/collecting cards are not appropriate for school and must be left at home.

Weapons and Miscellaneous Articles: Children are not permitted to bring pocket knives, weapons of any kind, or toys that look like weapons to the bus stop, on the bus, or to school.  If by chance a student has one of the items mentioned by accident, it should be given to the bus driver or the teacher immediately. NO roller backpacks will be allowed, due to safety issues.


Lice Procedure:  Students are checked on a regular basis for head lice.  Parents will be called to take the child home to take care of the situation. A parent must accompany the child upon returning to school to be rechecked. Once cleared, the child will be given a note to return to class. Recurring problems will be forwarded to health/social services.

Parents/guardians are responsible for regularly checking their children for the presence of head lice. If live lice or nits (eggs) are found, it is important to treat the child immediately and monitor other family members. For more information on treatment of head lice, please consult with your school nurse, a District Health Educator, or refer to the Lake County Schools’ manual, Facts About Head Lice, located on the Student Services website.

Any student identified at school as having live lice will be sent home with support and instructions for treating the child, other siblings, and the home. Parents should instruct their child(ren) not to share brushes, combs, hats, or other personal items that may lead to transmission.

Medication at School:  There are strict regulations regarding medication at school.  Children are not permitted to carry any medicine to, from, or during school.  Parents must follow the proper medication guidelines provided in the LCS Student Code of Conduct which can be viewed online.  Medication must be in its original prescribed container and the required forms must be complete before the school will assume responsibility for the medication.

Sickness and Injury:  Parents will be notified by phone to pick up students who are sick or injured.  For the comfort, safety, convenience and care of your child, please list emergency phone numbers on the information sheet and keep them current.  When illness or injury is determined to be an emergency, 911 will be called.  If a student’s temperature reaches 100 degrees or above the student will be sent home and should not return to school until temperature is normal for 24 hours without any medication.  If parent cannot be contacted once a student's temperature reaches 103.8 it is mandatory that the school must call 911. Transportation of a student to a medical facility is the financial responsibility of the parent.  When students are checked out of school for illness, they may not return to school campus for any activities during or after school that day.


CHARTER SCHOOL BOARD/SAC:  Our Mascotte Charter School Board will meet on a monthly basis.  Our Charter School Board monitors the decision making for Mascotte Charter School, Inc.  All Charter School Board meetings are open to the public and begin at 5:30 p.m. in the school Media Center.  You are encouraged to attend all meetings.

P.T.O.:  The Mascotte Charter Parent-Teacher Organization meet at 4 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.  You are encouraged to attend the meetings.  This organization is vital since it provides an opportunity for parent/community input to the development of programs, activities and facility improvement at our school.  This organization also plans the school's "Fund-Raising Activities" for the year.  Many school improvements have been initiated and financed through the efforts of this fine group.  We urge you to join us August 8, 2019, at “Meet the Teacher” day and participate in the projected events.


During the school year, our designated school photographers (including your child’s teacher, ClassDojo) will be seen around school taking pictures and videos of students while they are in their classroom, at school events, on field trips and during various school activities. 

We would love to show our Mascotte Families what their children are doing while they at school so we would like to post the photos and videos here:  school yearbook, school website, our Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) pages and our Local Newspapers (Daily Commercial, News Leader, South Lake Tablet, etc). 

If you prefer to “Opt-Out” and not grant permission to have your child’s photo and video posted in any of the locations mentioned above, please check the “Opt-Out” box #2, sign the form and return it to your child’s teacher.  If you approve some of the locations listed above, please hand write the locations you approve on the “Opt-Out” form so we make sure the pictures and videos are posted to the locations you approve.


Students must meet all the components of the Lake County School Board Student Promotion Plan as well as the following requirements: 

  • Students must master 100% of their current grade level (K-2) skills for Literacy First in order to be promoted to the next grade level
  • First and Second Grade Students must also pass the end of year Star Reading/IStation and Math Assessment by scoring at/or above the 50th percentile.



Conferences:  We believe that your child's progress will be enhanced by the communication you and the teacher develop during the school year. Conferences can be scheduled by sending a note to the teacher.  Emergency conferences may be scheduled in advance with the Administration, Guidance Counselor, or Curriculum Specialist at any time.

Conference Nights will be in the Fall (Thursday, October 24, 2019) and in the Spring (Thursday, March 26, 2020). 

Parents should attend to become familiar with classroom procedures, curriculum requirements, testing information and student academic progress.

Flight Academy:  Students who scored a level 1 or 2 on the FSA ELA or Math assessments will receive additional intervention classes during their specials time.

Homework Policy:  Homework is assigned on a regular basis. The purposes of homework are to practice newly taught skills, review previously mastered skills, develop independent study habits, or to extend and enrich the curriculum.  Homework assignments will include Reading, Math, Science, Language Arts and Fluency.

Progress Reports:  Progress Reports are issued every fifth week of the nine-week grading period.  Parents will be notified any time a child is achieving below grade level.  Progress Reports will be available through Skyward Family Access:  September 11, 2019; November 13, 2019; February 7, 2020; and, April 24, 2020.

Report Cards and Progress Reports will no longer be sent home because parents can access grades, attendance and more  24/7 through Skyward Family Access. Those who still need a paper copy may contact the School Office to request a copy.

Report Cards: Report cards are issued four times a year, at nine-week intervals.  Report Cards will be available through Skyward Family Access:  October 22, 2019; January 14, 2020; March 31, 2020; and, June 12, 2020.

New students to the school must be present 20 days before a report card will be issued.

The following grading scale is used and is in compliance with LCS District’s Pupil Progression Plan:

     A =   90 – 100
     B =   80 –   89
     C =   70 –   79
     D =   60 –   69
     F =      0 –   59

Student Records:  Copies of student records are available to both parents unless court documents denying access are on file in the student’s cumulative folder.

Testing:  A tentative testing schedule will be posted on the school calendar.  Please note the testing dates for your child so that he/she will be present, attentive, and comfortable on the testing day.  


Mascotte Charter and Lake County Schools (LCS) provides computers and network access to enhance instruction.  This access is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in the cancellation of this privilege by IT (Information Technology) and/or disciplinary action by school officials.

Students are responsible for good behavior while using the devices and accessing the network.  Please do not remove any device from Mascotte Charter School. 

Technology is very costly, consequently students will be charged for any lost or damage.

Mascotte Charter students will follow the Lake County School (LCS) 2019-2020 Code of Conduct (Section V & Section VI) in regards to Technology that include but not limited to the following:

  • Section V:  Policies Government Student Behavior (LCS Code of Conduct)
  • Bullying or Harassment
    • Cyberbullying
    • Cyberstalking
  • Reporting forms are available on the Lake County Schools Website in the Prevention Program and Alternative Education Department under the Bullying section. Forms are also available at each school.
  • Section VI: Technology (LCS Code of Conduct)
  • Cell Phones and/or any Electronic Communications Devices.  General Use Rules to include, students must NOT
    • connect cell phones / personal devices to network;
    • turn on cell phones or any personal electronic device during school hours without teacher and/or administration approval.
  • Student Acceptable Telecommunications/Electronic Communications Use Policy and Agreement
  •  District Student E-Mail Account for Academic Purposes;
  • BYOD:  Mascotte Charter is Not a BYOD school.


Child Abuse & Educator Misconduct Reporting

Child Abuse Reporting

All school personnel who have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been the subject to abuse or neglect or threatened with harm are mandated to REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY! 

Florida Department of Children and Families Abuse Hotline


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Anyone with a suspicion can call the Abuse Hotline.


Enrollment Eligibility Policy

Equal Opportunity Disclaimer

Lake County Schools, FL and Mascotte Charter School, Inc. do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, genetic information, age, disability, or marital status in its educational programs, services, or activities, or in its hiring or employment practices. The district or Mascotte Charter School, Inc. also provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other patriotic youth groups, as required by the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act.

Questions, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding discrimination or harassment may be sent to:

Employee Relations 
Lake County Schools 
Phone: 352-253-6519


Principal Mrs. Tiffany MayhughRego
e.  mayhugh–

Front Door Policy

We welcome parents who wish to visit the school.  Visitors are expected to dress appropriately when visiting our campus.  It is important to all children that classes are not disturbed and that visits add a positive dimension to the school day.

The entrance to the front office will be locked at all times. Once you arrive and are identified, the office staff will unlock the door. Once unlocked, please open the door and present your government issued picture I.D. to the office staff. They will process it through the Raptor Visitor Management System.

If you are staying on campus, you will receive an ID Sticker. The ID sticker must be worn and visible at all times while on campus. Faculty and staff have been instructed to approach the visitor if the badge is not visible and request that you return to the office for a badge.

When you leave, please exit through the front office and return your ID Sticker to the Office Staff. If you are not staying on campus, your ID will be processed and you’ll wait in the office until your child comes in to meet you.

Nondiscrimination Notification and Contact Information

Lake County Schools, FL does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, genetic information, age, pregnancy, disability, or marital status in its educational programs, services or activities, or in its hiring or employment practices. The district also provides access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other patriotic youth groups, as required by the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, or any other youth group listed in Title 36 of the United States Code as a patriotic society. 

An employee, student, parent, or applicant alleging discrimination with respect to employment, or any educational program or activity may contact:
David Meyers, SHRM-CP
Supervisor, Compensation and Employee Relations
Equity Coordinator
Lake County Schools
Phone: 352-253-6519


Parent Conflict Resolution Process

When a parent at Mascotte Charter School has a conflict to resolve, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. First contact your child’s teacher if the conflict is a student or a classroom issue. If satisfaction is not reached, contact the Assistant Principal, Radean Johnson.  If satisfaction is not reached at the Assistant Principal level, contact the Principal, Tiffany Mayhugh-Rego.  Finally, if the conflict is still not resolved, contact the Chairperson of the Mascotte Charter School Board, Dr. JoAnne Jones (Email Address;; Phone: 352-394-7282).   
  2. If the conflict is not a classroom issue, contact the Assistant Principal, Radean Johnson.  If satisfaction is not reached at the Assistant Principal level, contact the Principal, Tiffany Mayhugh-Rego.  Finally, if the conflict is still not resolved, contact the Chairperson of the Mascotte Charter School Board, Dr. JoAnne Jones (Email Address; Phone: 352-394-7282).

Parent Involvement Facilitator

The Governing Board of Mascotte Charter School has appointed Mrs. Tiffany Mayhugh-Rego, Principal, as the representative to facilitate parental involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns and resolve disputes. 
She can be reached at 352-429-2294.

Parent Notification Policy

The charter school principal or the principal’s designee shall immediately notify the parent of a student who is removed from school, school transportation, or a school-sponsored activity and taken to a receiving facility for an involuntary examination pursuant to s.394.463. The principal or the principal’s designee may delay notification for no more than 24 hours after the student is removed if the principal or designee deems the delay to be in the student’s best interest and if a report has been submitted to the central abuse hotline, pursuant to s.39.201, based upon knowledge or suspicion of abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

Student Admission and Registration Policy

Skyward Family Access