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100 Tips for Parents

Are We There Yet? Staying Safe Between Home and School.

Destiny: Media Center Catalog

Did you know you can access the Media Center’s Catalog from home! 

Students can access the Catalog (books currently available in our Media Center) from home via the Internet by going to the Destiny website Opens a New Window. .  

Once you visit the website, look in the left-hand column titled Elementary Schools and click on “Mascotte Elementary School."   

To search the catalog, click on the Catalog tab located at the top of the Destiny website. 

If you have older children or neighbors who attend other Lake County Schools, they can also search their Media Centers’ Collections simply by clicking on their schools instead of Mascotte Elementary.

Parents for Charter Schools.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Please click on the Grade Level your child will Enter in the 2019-2020 School Year:

Reading List

Brain Gym and Summer Activities

Websites like:  ABCYA, PBS Kids, Flocabulary, Reading Rockets & More.


Local Public Library

School Programs for Reading & Math

Click here for Programs you can access from home such as iStation for Reading and Zearn for Math.