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Drop-Off and Pick-Up


All Students:      

Enter from SR 50 & Midway Ave. 


Kindergarten to Grade 5:    

Enter from SR 50 & Midway Ave.  (Maps Below)

Pre-K & ESE:    

Enter from SR 50 & Albrook St. (Maps Below)

Please ENTER through the Main Gate (Albrook St. & Midway Ave.) with the assistance of the Crossing Guard.


Our school is now using DASHPASS.  It is designed to make it safer and easier to pick up your student from school.

Once you have completed the set-up process (below), your app will notify your teacher that your have arrived to school and they will send your child to the car rider line.



- Look for an email from DashPass to register your account.  If you have not received an email contact our school office to confirm we have the correct email address. Please call 352-429-2294 (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

- The email will ask you to download the app (see below).  Then start the set-up process.

- Open the app then click the "SIGN UP" link.

- Enter your First and Last Name and the email you provided the school.

- Enter and Confirm your password.

- Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions.

- Press SIGN UP button.

- NEXT, check your email for a confirmation email to activate your account.

- Once your account is activated (ref. email) you will be prompted to authorize Dash Pass to access your location.  Set phone location settings to ALWAYS ON.

Once your account is set-up, create a CARPOOL.

- click the Car Pool icon.

- click the "plus" sign to add a student.

- select days of weeks.

Sharing the Pickup with Others

- Go to Student Screen (on app)

- Click on Student name

- A Dash Code appears. 

- Ask your spouse, guardian to:
   1. download  and open the app on their phone
   2. ask them to click on the "Students" tab on the bottom of the app.
   3. Click on the blue square to open the scan option then scan the Dash Code on your phone.

- Once the Dash Code is scanned, the original parent (1st person to complete the set-up) will receive an email to confirm the request.  This prevents people from picking up the students without authorization from the parent/guardian.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Satellite View