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DASH PASS for Student Pick-Up



We ask all parents / guardians use the DASHPASS APP for car rider line during dismissal.  The APP is designed to make it safer and easier to pick up your student from school.

All parents / guardians need is an iPhone or Android device to interact with DashPass.

Download the free app to get started.

Once you have completed the set-up process (below), your app will notify your teacher that your have arrived to school and they will send your child to the car rider line.

Using a two-step authentication process, DashPass matches the phone number with the related student’s pickup information on file.

Parents / guardians can add or delete additional drivers to their pickup profile (secured by two-step verification process for new drivers). Parents request contactless early release and coordinate carpooling.

Location Services for the APP needs to be on before your arrive for the APP to work properly. 

DashPass APP:   

Apple Devices: 

Android Device:

Please ENTER through the Main Gate (Albrook St. & Midway Ave.) with the assistance of the Crossing Guard.

Please leave plenty of room so Emergency Vehicles and Residents can Enter and Exit our Local Streets and Driveways. 

Please do NOT block the entrance to the Mascotte Police and Fire Department.   The Police Department has advised us that they will Issue Citations if these areas are blocked.  Please reference Florida State Statue #F.S.S. 316.1945  for more details.

Parent/ Guardian:  Once your account is set-up, create a CARPOOL.
  • click the Car Pool icon.
  • click the "plus" sign to add a student.
  • select days of weeks.

Sharing the Pickup with Others

Both parties must be PRESENT to complete the steps below.
  • Parent / Guardian - Go to Student Screen (on app)
  • Click on Student name
  • A QR Code appears. 
  • Now, wait / assist the spouse, guardian, other person to set-up their account.
Ask your spouse, guardian,  OTHER PERSON to:
  1. Download  and open the DashPass App on their phone
  2. Click on "ALL OTHERS" to create an account.
  3. UNDER "Don't have an account", click on SIGN-UP
  4. Spouse, guardian, other person will type their name, email, password.
  5. Read and Accept the "Terms and Conditions"
  6. Now they need to check their email for a confirmation email. since it's a new account. Once accepted.....
  7. Open the DashPass App and Login under ALL OTHERS with the email and password they just created.
  8. Click on the "Students" tab on the bottom of the app.
  9. Click on the blue square then "allow" the camera to open
  10. Scan the QR Code on the original "PARENT" phone.  This is why both parties need to be present to complete the set-up.
  11. Once the QR Code is scanned, the original parent (1st person to set-up DashPass, giving you permission to pick-up the student(s)) will receive an email to confirm the request. 
    • This is an extra step for the safety of our families.
    • This prevents people from picking up the students without authorization from the parent/guardian.
  12. Once the "original" parent opens and accepts the email confirmation., the "All Others" can set-up a carpool with the student(s). 


If you have any questions, please contact Robin Harris at 352-429-2294 x 5839.