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Beginning of the School Year Packet

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Mascotte Charter families will receive the 2019-2020 Beginning of the School Year Packet (BSYP) at our 2019-2020 Meet The Teacher on August 8, 2019.  Please complete all the forms and return them to your child's teacher.  

The BSYP includes the Student Acknowledgement, COMPACT, Digital Notification, Parent Opt Out and more.  

Our 2019-2020 BSYP will be available to view soon.

The Complete Packet (Multiple Pages):   English  /  Spanish
Individual pages:
  1. English  /  Spanish:  Student Acknowledgement
  2. English  /  Spanish:  Digital Notification
  3. English  /  Spanish:  Parent Opt Out Notification
  4. English  /  Spanish:  Enrollment Eligibility Policy & Acknowledgement
  5. English  /  Spanish:  Field Trip
  6. English  /  Spanish:  Compact
  7. English  /  Spanish:  Technology Acceptable Use Policy